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By renting, you can put your cost budget and credit line into the key investment meanwhile also can renovate your office equipments and enjoy the best suitable products to you
·decrease the gross cost—make it according to your material finance and technique requirement.
·investment protection—prevent the problems from property right risk and balance sheet list and can up-grade equipments and add new equipments during the renting period.
·holding capital—renting means you do not need to invest equipments at one time.
·holding present credit line —the capital source brought by renting will supply you for your using at present and in the future.
·favor of tax — you can make the renting fee of each month as operation fee and investment defray as well.
·budget’s advantage —renting can ensure you just need to pay the regular monthly renting fee.
·resolution of technique renovation — Include more favors such as exchanging, selling with discount and constantly free expansion.
·huge rising of working efficiency — You just need to take care of core business, and we will resolve all the problems about your equipments such as maintenance, and so on.
our sales will provide you with the best suitable renting scheme after we communicate well between each and other and know your working flow and material requirements.

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