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maintain service
Service introduction
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Copier maintenance rules introduction
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Service introduction
  Since Shanghai SanHe office equipments limited Co., established, it has been insisted on perfect sale/service system in order to provide customers with perfect before/after-sale service and with best service. Copier/Printer is a precious office equipment combining of optics, electricity and machinery, by means of regular maintenance service for it , can ensure the best duplicate products.
Work of dispatchers
Service items
Rent service
● Free charge of offering the exchange of all the consumers goods and spares, customers
 just need to supply for paper and other material for output, and pay the basic fee of renting
 and printing paper
● Regularly go to your door to maintain the optic, develop if your copier/printer
● Maintenance service to the door(unlimited times)
● Machine’s property right is belonged to SanHe
●Regularly go to the your door to maintain the optic , develop of your copier/printer.
● It’s free of charge for all the consumed material of machine exchanging of spares and
 maintenance service to the door, customers just need to offer paper and other materials
 considered as output materials, and pay fare according the printing pages.
● Maintenance service to the door(unlimited times)
● Machine’s property right is belonged to customers
Maintenance service
● Prepay for the regular maintenance fee each year 。
● Regularly go to your door to maintain the optic, develop if your copier/printer.
● If your copier/printer suddenly breaks down , you can call our service center for unlimited
 times when the using quantity of your copier/printer up to some printing pages, because of
 fret or consumption, you need to exchange consumed material and spares which must be
 bought form us.
● Machine property right is belonged to customers.
Special maintain service:
● Every time when your copier/printer works to a certain printing pages(decided by
 machine’s type) and doesn’t work , than you send it to our company , and our service
 engineer will fully check and maintain it. All the consumed materials and spares he
 exchanged must be bought from us by you to ensure the normal use of it and good quality
 of copying.
● During the time of overhaul , you can get a free copier/printer for turnover but you also should pay for the consumed materials used during this period.
● The customer who signed , his contract will be automatically delayed for six months after
 over hauling and machine’s connecting.
● Machine property right is belonged to customers.
Temporary service
● Charge to door service fore as different area and machine’s type every time.
● If it has the same problem, we will maintain it to the door within one month (free of charge)
● Machine property right is belonged to customers.

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